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Adam Kadmon

Changelog 24/25th March 2020

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Added a lot of missing RHS weapons/ammo to the traders.
Added A-29 Super Tucano (900k)

Added 2 mi24 variants with miniguns only (850k)

Added 3 new currency items:

  • Money (500k)
  • Toilet Paper (5 mil)
  • Suitcase (10 mil)

Added optional mod that you can load https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772802287

Fixed some vehicle prices (AA with Zephyrs was 110k instead of 1 mil Pepega)


Coming soon :tm: :
Loadouts Re-do
Prices Re-Balance

Moar Vehicles/Weapons

New Player Market
Some other cool scripties

Various Fixes

Map Update

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