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Adam Kadmon

Rules for Exile Chernarus Militarized

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General Rules:

  • No hacking, exploiting, duping, or glitching of any form. Failure to report any of the aforementioned can be held against you.
  • Admins can only have access to their menu when [AWG] is in front of their name. Accusing an admin otherwise of abuse can result in punishment. 
  • Portrayal of an admin will result in extreme punishment.
  • Any form of DDoS and or hack threat to the server or its users is an instant permanent ban. All jokes are included.
  • All reports of players, compensation requests, or general help requests, must be in the form of a ticket on the discord. When made, fill out the prompted information and wait patiently for a staff member to respond. Videos are always required, and must show 3 minutes prior to the incident, and 3 minutes after. Any form of edited video will not be accepted. Screen shots are never accepted unless an admin requests them.
  • No combat logging, you are in combat as long as the red icon is flashing on your screen, and ~30 seconds after shooting. Admin discretion will be used at the time of the accusation.
  • Moving a storage item and or accessing it ~10 minutes to restart can have persistence issues, do at your own risk.
  • Most warnings will come in the form of a kick from the server, anything lost due to those kicks will not be compensated.
  • Deceitfully baiting a player into breaking a rule is not allowed. Admin discretion will be used at the time of the accusation.
  • No teaming with other families.
  • No assiting in raids.
  • No sharing air space.
  • No leaving the party / using Alternate accounts to circumvent territory checks.
  • ALT accounts are not allowed.

Side Chat Rules:

  • English only in side chat.
  • Claims of players hacking, glitching, or breaking rules without proof to back up the claims, can result in punishment. 

Trader Rules:

  • Any form of trolling in safe zone is not tolerated. (Mic Spamming, vehicle ramming, disrupting play time, etc.)
  • Players receive god mode, vehicles with players inside inherit god mode. Vehicles with out players does NOT have god mode. UN-towing / Unloading a vehicle clipping into objects can result in vehicle taking damage or possibly to blow up. USE caution.
  • Camping safe trader zones is prohibited. Killing close to trader can be deemed trader camping, use wise judgement. Admin discretion will be used at the time of accusation.
  • Spotting people inside safe zone is not allowed. Watching players leave to later kill is not allowed. Admin discretion will be used at the time of accusation.
  • Fleeing to a safe zone in combat is not allowed. Both parties must have ended the engagement first. No excuses will be tolerated.
  • Do not attempt to steal or damage any other player’s belongings.
  • Blocking the pathway to the trader is not allowed.
  • Exploiting the trader in any way to gain profit and or respect, is not allowed.\
  • Buying excessive amounts of vehicles to create lag or clog up the trader is not allowed.
  • Do not hover or leave helis on while in the trader. Land and power down or leave. 
  • Vehicle Ownership: If your vehicle is stolen outside of trader, it is no longer yours. The driver is the owner of the vehicle once in the trader (if no other players are in the vehicle). If you lock the stolen vehicle in trader, locking the owner in or out, will result in punishment. If the vehicle is towed by the previous owner, the player will be subject to punishment. **** If a vehicle has occupants still inside, they have the ability to switch to the driver, and gain ownership. ****
  • UAVs are use at your own risk. They are easily stolen, and buggy.

Building Rules:

  • If you are unsure about a base locations legality, ask staff in discord via a ticket, and you will be assisted.
  • Your group can only have one base. If caught with more, all territories shared will be deleted without warning. Terms of sharing are as followed: Having access to codes, and or storing friend’s vehicles.
  • Combat storing vehicles is not allowed. Violation will result in ban and deletion of vehicle.
    Your base must be able to access all rooms by using doors or gates, including the flag room.
  • Removing buildables to gain entry, or block entry, is not allowed ever...
  • Your base must have stairs or ladders leading up to each floor. That ladder has to work both ways (up and down) or have a door. You can not use a ladder to climb through a floor.
  • All flags must be able to be stolen, if your flag is inside an object, it will be removed without prior warning. 
  • Flag rooms must allow for the player to freely walk around it without obstruction, any tight spaces and or attempt to further obstruct is not allowed. Safes cannot be touching a flag in any way and must be far out of the way. All parts are subject to removal, and or moval, by staff.
  • All rooms cannot consist of multiple doors clipping into one another, and walls overlapping each other. Layering walls and doors is ok.
  • No building within 1600m of any Rad Zone. (Includes base pieces within 1600 meters.)
  • No building within 1000m of an airfield, trader zone, spawn zone, non-safe trader zone, and barracks. (Includes base pieces within 1000 meters.)
  • No building on roads. An overhang over a road is allowed, but a ural must be able to travel under your structure.
  • You will not be refunded if a staff member intentionally removes your territory.
  • Bases can only be 50m tall, do not circumvent the script to build higher.
  • Vehicles on or in a base cannot be enclosed, They must be vulnerable to the front and top.
  • Bases with a line of sight and elevated shooting positions are NOT to fire on spawn towns from vehicles. People caught abusing this will lose the vehicle and respect.
  • Using indestructible objects to protect flags, and or rooms is punishable.
  • If you forget to pay your territory or fail to restore it, it will despawn. You have 2 days to contact staff to have it reinstated. Each group gets one free restore, the rest will have a fee.
  • All storage items have to be visible, if completely hidden inside objects, they will be deleted.
  • All base limits are measured from the center of the circle.
  • Base crates are not meant for permanent storage. They damage easily and like to fly away. IF you decide to risk keeping them, you must place inside your territory radius and install. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. (no comp will be given for lost crates) 

Raiding Rules:

  • Upon raiding a base, any form of exploitation, via looking through walls and or using any sort of glitch to gain an unfair advantage, will result in punishment. Admin’s discretion will be used at the time of the accusation.
  • During the raid, you cannot Build, place locks, walls, or in any way obstruct the raider from further advancing.
  • A raid is only over after 15 minutes of inactive combat or 15 minutes after a server restart with no combat. Trying to place parts earlier can result in punishment. Ensure the area is secure. If a player is camping and causing no harm, he is not a threat. Ensure you keep the fight going.
  • Alts can not be used to log out in flag rooms, severe punishment will ensue.


Although we do our best to help in anyway possible, we cannot be responsible for the following acts.

  • If the player logs out at rad zone, or safe zone objects, their items cannot be compensated if they re log too quickly. The objects need time to load.
  • Any form of client-side crash, corrupted mods, and or connection issues, will not be compensated. 
  • If a player dies whilst in the safe zone boundaries, it is not on us. Approach them with caution and proceed as if you did not have god mode.
  • If you complete a ZCP, you must store the tabs afterwards, if not they will be gone upon a restart or a disconnection from the server.
  • Un towing a vehicle while it is clipping an object or the ground is non-refundable. Ensure there is ample room with no obstructions.
  • Admins will not locate or unlock any safe for you, it is on the player to keep track of their belongings.
  • Landing on concrete and or wooden parts is at your own risk. Exile parts can be buggy and explode vehicles.
  • Any base parts deleted deemed illegal by an admin are not subject to compensation.




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