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Featured Friday

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 Featured Friday is here!


Today's featured content comes from @Nezar with this video:



Sadly this week no screenshots ? So we're just gonna feature a video from one of our fave guys here, @Kotton:





In other news, we'd like to welcome into the Arma 3 team @Th3Dilli and @IIRS3II_PUN1SH3R:


They will be helping us with the Arma 3 Genesis Projects, and in regards, here's a preview of what @IIRS3II_PUN1SH3R has been working on during the past few months in regards of the new building system:




If you are a @Patron, we will be releasing a lot of content over the next few weeks previous the release. If you are interested in supporting us and want to have some behind the scenes sneak-peaks, go drop that $1 ;)


Last but not least, welcome to the team to @xzanman our new Moderator

As a reminder now we still have 3 open Moderator spots, and 1 Social Media Manager spot, so head over here  if you're interested in joining us!


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