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Adam Kadmon

Community Time!

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Starting today, we will begin “Featured Friday’s”.


To enhance community involvement, and show off some of our community members game and video creation skills, we will “Feature” new content!

Each Friday we will pick the best 2 Screenshots and best 2 Videos pertaining to Arma III or Dayz SA. At the end of each month we will chose, again, the best Screenshot and best video and will reward the winners with some cool prizes! (Discord Nitro, Steam Gift Cards, etc).



Screenshot submission Guidelines:

  • They can be edited or you can keep it simple.
  • Must be PMd to me.

Video submission Guidelines:

  • Video must be on youtube.
  • Title of the the video must contain “AWG”
  • Video description has to contain Server Name, Website Link (https://awgaming.net) and discord address (https://discord.me/awg)
  • Video link must be PMd to me.



Both Screenshots and Videos will be shared into public channels with “view and react only” abilities.


Every Friday we’ll make a discord post and a forum post (on the front page) featuring the best content!




While we are talking about content, we are seeking someone to create a showcase of our Genesis (A2 Origins) Mod for Arma 3. We need 2 types of videos.

First video has to be a Trailer-style video, which can be done in the editor, so it doesn’t really need to be shot in game on our servers. Something that can give the feel of what the gameplay is about. Something similar to this

of course related to what the mod is about, and much shorter (2-3 mins max)



The second video has to be some sort of Gameplay, showing different aspects of the mod, what you can do, little tutorial-ish aspects of it, something appealing for the masses. Something similar to this style 

- And if you need any admin help to shoot the video, like spawning some objects, bringing you to different places etc while shooting, feel free to ask.


For those 2 videos above, we’d like to get submissions by the end of the month, then give you feedback and a little more time to fix a few things in order to make them as perfect as possible.

If you are interested in starting to work with those projects, please PM me.

We budgeted around $50 for the lucky one who can get both done at once, or split a $20 Trailer $30 gameplay if there’s 2 different people involved.



A final special thanks to the +28 Patreons we gained in the Month of January. Thanks to you we can make AWG Great Again :)


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