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Getting kicked out of the server.

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I am "brand new" when it comes to modding in Arma.. I have installed all the mods required in order to play on the server. However when I am trying to connect to the server I am getting kicked out of the server and I am not sure if it's the mods fault or because there is just too many people on the server..

Usually when I launch the game using A3Launcher I receive an error saying :"Addon 'hlcweapons_acr' requires addon 'hlcweapons_core' '". I've tried launching EDITOR as well but it never worked. So if I could get any solutions to my problem it would be great!

Rivalen < 3

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Ususally this is a result of a dependency. What you should do is unscubscribe from NIArsinal and then re-download the mod. You can also verify integrity of your game files. (Right click the game in library -> Properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game files.


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