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[AWG] Arma 3 Survival is back!

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The AWG Arma 3 Survival server is back!
We have relaunched our AWG A3 Survival server! 
Our last survival server was the outcome of years of updates, bug fixes and changes. It was buggy, hard to update, and impossible to maintain. We now have a clean, less buggy, more maintainable and update friendly server. But, that's not what you came to read, you want the juicy stuff. We've been working hard these last few months, enjoy.
Chernarus 2035 Extended 
We have full source files and are working on new towns and cities to expand the map. Along with server updates, we will be updating the map to provide new and exciting places to explore
New Base Building System
Taking inspiration from DayZ and DayZ Origins, we have revamped the building system in Exile to allow for pre-fab objects that can be built and upgraded. Currently, there are buildable shelters, walls, and towers. We plan on adding upgradable walls, a wider range in towers, and base objects for you to play with in later updates.
Pickaxes and Mining
Part of the base building system, you can now go to a mine and to gather rocks and ores. There are currently two mines on the map marked by a huge digger.
Perk/Skill System
With everything you do on the server, you will gain a bit of exp to use how you wish. Some skills include: faster repairing, better healing on self first-aid and more!
Heli Crashes with Persistent Loot
One highly requested feature, heli crashes are now scattered across Chernarus. They can be easily located by black smoke and have loot scattered around the crash in close proximity. These will be a prized target as some weapons and other rare loot will only be found at these crashes.
Humanity System 
A unique twist off of the DayZ Mod humanity system, when you first join our server, you will choose the class you wish to be: a hero, survivor or bandit. Each have their own set of benefits, but choose wisely, it will cost to change it later.
MarXet v2
MarXet has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, just for AWG.
- Buying and Selling has been replaced with Trading.
    - Trading allows you and other players to list an item in turn for other items. Want to set up a deal? Enable your name to be shown and players can haggle with you so you can get the best deal possible. 
- A new way to trade: Auction House 
    - You and other players can list items to be bid on, but be vigilant, you can easily be out bidded. Register with Exile Server Manager to be notified so you can win the bidding war!
- You can now edit and delete trades and listings
- Any items that can't fit in your inventory will be deposited into your SafeX.
Zombie Spawner
We now have a custom Zombie Spawner! Zombies now spawn in houses and are more common in towns, and less common in the open. Each house has a cooldown of 5 minutes, so your gang can clear a town and get all the loot before they spawn back. 
Along with 8+ islands for you to explore, boats now spawn randomly along the coast in shallow water. Since we have a new map, no more janky water! :D
Zombie Kill Tracking
A minor addition, we now track total lifetime and current life zombie kills. Now you can boast to your friends... Even more than you already did. 
- Military missions are now guarded by AIs, it's no longer first to the crate gets the loot.
- SafeX has been updated to allow MarXet to deposit items.
- Added into to XM8 about Exile Server Manager and how to be notified of base raiding.
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