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Welcome Infinity Exile

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First of all, the entire staff team at AWG welcomes the Infinity Community. Thank you in advance for registering on our forums. If you haven't there is a poptab reward for doing so, just reach out to one of our staff members to claim your reward.


If you have not heard or know about AWG here is the quick run down:

"We started this community several years back, with hopes of creating an adult-led gaming environment that had a longer "endgame" for its players, put together by people who LOVE to play. In addition to our focus on the game itself, we wanted to make an environment that was free from racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and other forms of harassment that are often stereo-typical of gaming communities, although having nothing to do with gaming. Having witnessed servers/communities and games destroyed by cheating, we have put an extra focus on preventing such from destroying ours. Through a partnership with anti-cheat software, a whitelisting requirement and scrupulous admining, we enjoy a more immersive experience, without the plague of nasty hackers found on other Arma 3/Exile servers."


With the addition of the Infinity Militarized server to our community; we will be partnering from a development and monetary perspective in order to keep all of our servers fresh and continue to materialize on the knowledge of our developers to create additional content.


Our Survival server is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment so it is currently down. We will be re-releasing that server very Soon TM . Hop on our discord and check back here for updates!


Again, we welcome you to our community and please bare with us as we continue the transition.


-AWG / Infinity Staff Team





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