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Adam Kadmon

UPDATE - November

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You might have noticed lately that our player base on the Arma 3 server has dwindled. Although, we have been fairly silent about the situation, we've been working on a solution.


Along with working hard on our DayZ Standalone server, which has been full every night in the last few days (Thank you!), we've been working on a complete rework of our Arma 3 server. 


In order to provide you, the players, the best experience possible here at AWG, we will need extensive testing of all the features in this new server. With that being said, we are opening up a Testing Server to dedicated players who are willing to give us continuous feedback about features, bugs, balancing, etc. up until the release of the server, which we are planning to drop around Christmas.


If you wish to be a part of this testing phase, please type ?tester in the #esmbot-spam channel in discord. This will give you automatic access to the private dedicated testing section of the Discord. As a thank you, testers will be rewarded for their help and dedication at the end of the testing phase (More details will be announced in the Testing Channels). 


Act fast, the ability to sign up as a tester will close end of day Wednesday, November 21st. 


We want to stress the importance of this Testing Phase, so if you are a dedicated player who is willing to provide us around the clock feedback on features, bugs, balancing, etc., and wants to make a difference on the server you and your friends play on, sign up today!





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