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  1. I think it would be cool and this is just my opinion, If there was an RP server but not just on Altis. There's maps I used to play on like Lakeside and Takistan with modded vehicles, weapons, jobs ect. If you have more then just survival game modes it could grow the community even more because some people only play RP servers whilst some only play survival or switch between both. If you had an RP server It would be more likely for people to stay with [AWG] if they're seeing it wherever they go. I've spent countless amounts of hours on heavily modded RP servers and with [AWG] being able to produce amazing servers I think it would be awesome to see where it could go. I understand severs are not free but this will also open another side of people who will want to donate to keep the [AWG] Community going. - Thank you
  2. Looking for a small group, I just started base building and need someone or a few trustworthy people that will put in time and effort with me. I don't usually team up but I have been contemplating it over the few months I've been on this server. Message me via: -This website: VolSoft -Steam: VolSoft Servers - Thank you
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