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  1. what about allowing then to spawn more frequently? that part wasn't addressed
  2. Due to jets constantly harassing freshspawns and spawn towns, I feel like there needs to be more AA established to help people combat them, its already hard shooting them down, the fact that they can fly off repair and rearm and come back is already a means to AA being useless, I think AA should either be able to be purchased at the SZ traders to avoid getting camped every time at high end, or a loadout be made equipping the player with titan AA, the jets have radar already, also have a ton of flairs, its hard already shooting them down, and if AA cant be added flares should be disabled so the jet isn't flying around for 3 hours harassing everyone, radar is a bit OP aswell, they can see us well before coming into contact, the server is pretty heavy sided with jets, yea jets are expensive....but they can also fly thousands of meters in the air giving them maybe advantages over others, a lot of others want to see some changes to the jets and or more AA, imo its needed.
  3. I honestly would like to see more weapon variety, im always seeing spmgs, navids, mar10 and cyrus, just would like to see more weapons instead of the same ones over and over
  4. Was wondering if it you be something you guys could add, some people on the server already would like to see it including myself, adds some new weapons and dmr variants aswell, just changes up the options a little bit
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