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  1. Instead of not allowing anyone with previous VAC bans to join the server, you should make it to where anyone with a VAC ban within the last 6 months or year get banned. I don't feel that its fair to make one mistake on a different game (2+ years ago for me) and not be a part of the DayZ community anymore. I have been a part of the AWG community for a very long time (not signed up on the website), and I got banned for having a VAC ban from 782 days ago. (From CS:GO, i cheated cause there was a cheater on the other team and I had enough.) I have 2760 hours in DayZ and I never plan to cheat in this game. Its my favorite game and its a shame to not be allowed to play on the best server around. EDIT: Thank you for removing the ban from VAC banned players. EDIT(2): The ban was put back in place.
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