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    You enjoy our server and community and now you want to know how you can help? First let me tell you a little about our team and what we are doing:

    We started this community several years back, with hopes of creating an adult-led gaming environment that had a longer "endgame" for its players, put together by people who LOVE to play. Having witnessed servers/communities and games destroyed by cheating, we have put an extra focus on preventing such from destroying ours. Through a partnership with anti-cheat software, a whitelisting requirement and scrupulous admining, we enjoy a more immersive experience, without the plague of nasty hackers found on other Arma 3/Exile servers.
    Another big focus we have had is our staff.
    We are very slow to accept new staff and take our time to move them into positions that have admining powers. This prevents mis-use, both intentional and un-intentional. We believe you should have as much of an immersive experience as possible. Tickets are opened and responded to in Discord. Though an admin may be on the server, we do not actively engage in player requests in sidechat and such, as to not disrupt the immersive experience others are enjoying.

    Ok, enough about us. What are we going to do with your contribution?
    First, we need to pay for our overhead: Servers (production + testing), Admining tools, Website, and such.
    Second, and probably more exciting to you, we pay developers to spend time on our custom projects. We have found that free things in arma 3, most often, do not work as well as those for which a developer is compensated. Many times, our developers are given something just in return for their time spent, having not asked for anything, and even this helps us get a higher quality result.
    Third, Nope.. that’s it.. All of the monies we receive are turned back into the community. We are adults with jobs, we are not trying to pay our bills with this hobby.
    Infinity Exile has grown into a household name (among Arma 3 exile players ). We have over 8,000 current members (humans) in our Discord. We now actively host and develop for DayZ Standalone..

    What do you get for being a patreon? Friendship? 😛
    With each tier, we provide a different level of support for your issues. Every tier gives you access to our ticket system on our Discord. This allows us to provide, what we call, “Priority Support” for our Patreon Supporters. Please make sure to read the description of each tier, as each will grant you a different level of support and other goodies.

    While we have tiers that allow you into the background with us and help us shape the community and play an active role in the direction we are going. We do not offer any in-game bonus, etc. We play by the rules here, and that's the whole reason we formed this community. We hope you will be part of it and we greatly appreciate your support.




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