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    General Rules: No hacking, exploiting, duping, or glitching of any form. Failure to report any of the aforementioned can be held against you. No boosting onto, into a base with items such as metal plates. This will result in permanent ban. Portrayal of an admin will result in extreme punishment. Any form of DDoS and or hack threat to the server or its users is an instant permanent ban. All jokes are included. All reports of players, compensation requests, or general help requests, must be in the form of a ticket on the discord. When made, fill out the prompted information and wait patiently for a staff member to respond. Videos are always required, and must show 3 minutes prior to the incident, and 3 minutes after. Any form of edited video will not be accepted. Most warnings will come in the form of a kick from the server, anything lost due to those kicks will not be compensated. Deceitfully baiting a player into breaking a rule is not allowed. Admin discretion will be used at time of accusation. Combat logging or using game mechanics including logging on and off for an advantage is a ban-able offense. Side Chat Rules: Hate speech, racism, or use of derogatory terms will be subject to punishment. English only in side chat. Excessive claims of players hacking, glitching, or breaking rules without proof to backup the claims, can result in punishment. Excessive spam not relating to gameplay may result in a warning and ban. Trader Rules: Any form of trolling in safe zone is not tolerated. (Mic Spamming, vehicle ramming, disrupting play time, etc.) Camping safe trader zones is prohibited. Killing close to trader can be deemed trader camping, use wise judgement. Admin discretion will be used at the time of accusation. Spotting people inside safe zone is not allowed. Watching players leave to later kill is not allowed. Admin discretion will be used at the time of accusation. Do not attempt to steal or damage any other player’s belongings. Blocking the pathway to trader is not allowed. Exploiting the trader in any way to gain profit and or respect, is not allowed. Buying excessive amounts of vehicle to create lag or clog up the trader is not allowed. ** THESE RULES ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS AND MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME. PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN TO MAKE SURE NOTHING HAS CHANGED **
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