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      Here you can place all your community suggestions. Discord gets very cluttered so sometimes we do not see your suggestions. As donators we take all your suggestions into consideration. Please keep these suggestions generally, community related. (New games you'd like to see us host etc)

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    Obviously running a community as large as ours is not cheap so we thank you in advance for even considering to donate.

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    • Changed pricing on items to build concrete material:   Exile_Item_MetalBoard    from 2000 to 20000 Exile_Item_MetalPole       from 2000 to 20000 Exile_Item_Cement           from 2000 to 50000 Exile_Item_Sand                from 2000 to 50000   Sellprice of these items is still 500 poptabs.   Changed respect tiers   Level5 = from 5000000 to 3000000 Level6 = from 9000000 to 5000000 Level7 = from 15000000 to 8000000 Level8 = from
    • Added a lot of missing RHS weapons/ammo to the traders. Added A-29 Super Tucano (900k) Added 2 mi24 variants with miniguns only (850k) Added 3 new currency items: Money (500k) Toilet Paper (5 mil) Suitcase (10 mil) Added optional mod that you can load https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772802287 Fixed some vehicle prices (AA with Zephyrs was 110k instead of 1 mil Pepega)     Coming soon :tm: : Loadouts Re-do Prices Re-
    • If you find any issues or bugs...Please post in discord #support-arma-mili with as much info as possible. If you find something you think isn't appropriate to post in public. Feel free to contact Adam or myself via direct message. Auto-run bug resurfaced for some, we are working to correct that. Also, economy...Some things that are still in the trader that have a high price / respect requirement are disabled for a few days. They will be adjusted and added back as people get established, usually
    • Can the old AWG militarized server come back to chernarus instead of lingor? More people would play it
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